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Celebrate Holidays with B'Yachad

B'Yachad students and families will have many opportunities to come together and celebrate the holidays of our Jewish calendar. Some of these programs will be during school hours for students only; some during school hours where families are invited; and some will take place outside of school hours and be open to all.

These holiday celebrations are connected and an important part of our curriculum and often color the learning that students have been doing in the classroom. We hope your family will make holiday celebrations with B'Yachad a staple of your Jewish life!

In addition to school-wide and family programs with B'Yachad, both Sinai Temple and Temple Beth El each host their own Holiday programs. These programs are open to all - members and non-members alike - and give families a chance to participate in larger, multi-generational, synagogue based community.

Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784